Trip planning is a hassle, and your users need help

Gamitee helps online travel sites convert more visitors to buyers by enabling on-the-spot decision making with their friends and family

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Gamitee's added value

Increase Sales

Faster decisions, higher commitment to purchase and social validation means you sell more

Engage Customers

Help your customers make a decision together with their friends.

Close Deals

Allow the customer to deliberate on your website, and reach a quicker decision.

Easy as 1-2-3

Real-time group booking platform, embedded to your site
Find a vacation, hotel or flight
Bring the group together locally
Vote, chat and book

Proudly serving

Help-out your users

Find out just how much revenue you can generate
with real-time group booking

✔ 1 month free trial   ✔ Easy setup   ✔ Cancel anytime