People need each other, especially when making decisions

Even online, people are still people and friends and family are our first go-to for the decisions that matter. In many cases, your users will not commit to a purchase without this discussion.
This makes most, of not all, purchase decisions actually group decisions

The science is clear

have made a purchase based on a recommendation from friends and family  

2 out of 3 
millennials ask for their friend’s advice before a purchase decision  

of people used help and opinion of friends, colleagues or relatives when they planned leisure travel

of all millennials vacation with their friends
 (MMGY Global)

The fundamental driver
of purchasing activity online is communication between buyers
(Stanford University)

Remove the hassle of planning a trip

Planning a trip is a big effort for your users. They are challenged in synchronizing schedules, agreeing on options and verifying all the details over archaic channels.

current solutions
are annoying 

Users are lost in a haze of too many screenshots and links, while bouncing between apps and websites.
This takes them away from your site and the booking experience. 

For your users, getting decisive feedback from more than one person is next to impossible, while for their group members looking at all the options requires endless scrolling up the thread.

Your users would love some help

Help-out your users and find out just how much revenue you can generate with real-time group booking